Resources and Project Capability

C&C Civil and Mining Construction have the management, systems, technical ability and workforce resources to deliver civil and mining infrastructure projects up to $15 million. All of C&C’s owned and operated plant and equipment is mine site compliant, and we have the following fully qualified and experienced staff on hand to ensure projects are mobilised, managed and completed on time, and on budget:

  • Civil Engineer
  • Senior Mining Engineer
  • Senior Design Engineer
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Site Supervisors
  • Permanent Steel Fixers, Form Workers, Concrete Finishers, Carpenters and Plant Operators
  • Shotcrete and Ground Support Operators

Plant & Equipment

  • 20t excavators with rock breaker and augers from 300-1200mm diameter
  • Backhoes
  • Watercart
  • Body trucks
  • Flameproof Shotcrete Rig (approved to work in bye of ERZ)
  • Fire Proof Shotcrete Rig (approved to work outbye of ERZ)
  • Surface Shotcrete Rigs

Project Galleries

Mining Infrastructure

Bridges and Roads

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure


Shotcreting/Ground Support

Engineering Design